Share Your Stories with Wheel Sexy

HEY! In but a scant three days, it will be time to get yourself in gear and pedal on down to the Minnehaha Free Space for  *doodle de doo*

Chain of Thought– A community brainstorm jam session/ workshop about what Wheel Sexy will be! January 10th at 5PM.

But why wait? We want to know what YOU think :

What about biking is sexy to you?

We want to hear your thoughts, stories, and ideas, both here on the blog and on Tuesday at M.A.R.S. (Minneapolis Autonomous Radical Space, i.e. Minnehaha Free Space, same place, just fyi).

For a little inspiration of cycling tales, check out these AWESOME stories of biking 2011 compiled by ARTCRANK:

Your Best Bike Stories of 2011 | ARTCRANK.

Check out the spectacular tales of Babes in Bikeland 2011 by Leah Preble & Loretta Trevino, photo by Bjorn Christianson]


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