Our Bodies, Our Bikes

So what is sexy about biking?

You may be curious about some of the ideas surrounding Wheel Sexy and it’s celebration of the frame–be it steel or skin.  If you are, then you should check out the zine Our Bodies, Our Bikes.

It’s stories about women’s bodies on their bicycles. The experiences–social, emotional, and physical–run the gamut.  Reading this zine was like having a kaleidoscope stuck in front of my face and spun, til I could see colors and angles and experiences heretofore unknown to me,  where before I had only seen my bike.

For example, I have NEVER thought about biking while pregnant, much less in labor. And it hadn’t even occurred to me that there might be extreme pleasure potential in stopping for a red light.

It’s not just that biking is sexy- although it is.

And it’s not just that burlesque is making me think about everybody’s body as a powerful machine.

Maybe it’s that the relationship between bodies, sexuality, and cycling are all so mashed up in my mind, that getting multiple perspectives somehow made everything clearer.

Anyway- it’s three bucks worth of awesome. Get it.


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