Performers and Friends

T-minus two weeks ’til opening and things are heating up.  This Saturday we had our big Show and Tell day, where we invited all performers to show their acts and receive group feedback.  Thanks to all the wheel sexy people who came out!

Curious about who is involved in this cabaret? Check out our Performers page! Meet our co-facilitators Au NaturElle and Retro Spectacles. Or, you can learn about the fabulous featured groups, like smokin’ jazz improv duo Smoking w/ Baby and the awesome dance troupe Mad King Thomas.

Thanks again to BurlesqueMN who hosted a one-on-one class with our performers yesterday. Their Heart Breakers show at Ground Zero was hot, and nothing beat seeing troupe leader Cherry Bomb Jac get – surprise!-  proposed to onstage. Congratulations!



One thought on “Performers and Friends

  1. As some of you may know, this was a big bicycling industry weekend called “Frost Bike”…..I did a ton of schmoozing this weekend at the bike parties introducing the idea of the show to out of towners as well as just sassing the Idea up to eryone and I reeeally reeeealy feel like we will sell out most of our shows!!!! Hellz yeah!!

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