Making Pasties with Bike Tubes

Making pasties is too fun! Using bike tubes makes things a little tricky because the tubes are thick, but on the flip side, tubes don’t show needle punctures when you sew ‘um.

Tube and liner


  • Buckram (this will act as your “frame” or pastie canvas, if you will)
  • Liner fabric (mine was pink!)
  • Glue (I used a pH adhesive made for paper, next time I may try spray adhesive)
  • Pencil (to create your stencil)
  • Scratch paper ¬†(your stencil)
  • Old bike tube!


I made my own stencil (a circular pastie looks like a pac-man!) at the size I needed.








The buckram shouldn’t show, that’s just to help build shape and size.








I wrapped my pink liner around the buckram’s edges, so it would hide better. Then glue!

Finally, sew the pastie into it’s final shape.








There were so many layers and the tube is thick, so this took patience, but I’m so happy with them! What color would your pasties be?


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