Wheel Sexy is

  • A fun, community cabaret
  • An idea

If you get around wheels, no matter who you are, what you wear, or what kind of wheels you push, you are #wheelsexy.

WS’s Manifesto

  • WSC celebrates the diverse self-propelled body
  • WSC promotes body-positive language, thoughts, and spaces (whether online or irl)
  • WSC is inclusive
  • WSC finds a lot of inspiration from bicycles, but not only bicycles
  • WSC includes political performance about bicycling and mobility issues
  • WSC respects burlesque as an art form
  • WSC creates and supports alternative transportation activism
  • WSC is affordable for patrons from all “rides” of life
  • WSC makes sure all artists are compensated


wheelsexy [at ] gmail [dot] com // You can also find us on Facebook.


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