Past Events

“Chain of Thought” Community Brainstorm

An open community forum where we’ll talk about ways we can fuse cycling, burlesque, and YOU into one amazing show! Come to hear about our ideas and share your own. We’ll start with a roundtable discussion, and maybe even get in gear and do a little movin’ to jumpstart some ideas for the show.

Meet up at the Minnehaha Free Space either:

Tuesday January 10th  @ 5PM-7PM

Saturday January 14th @ 11AM-1PM

“Let’s Ride” Idea Workshops

Bring in any ideas you developed at “Chain of Though”, or just  show up if you’ve got a performance piece ready to roll. Even if you’re just curious about performing in this, come by! You’ll be paired with one of our directors, who will help you develop your piece for the show!

Once again at the Minnehaha Free Space. You can come either:

Monday January 16th @ 6PM

Tuesday January 17th @ 6PM

 Bike Smut Screening

Friday, March 2nd at 8pm @ Bedlam Community Center in the Ivy Arys Building.


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