Au NaturElle (Co-Organizer, Greenway Performer): Au NaturElle didn’t learn to ride a bike until she was 9. As a young adult, however, bicycling has helped her control her asthma and meet some amazing people at the same time! A community-based performer, puppeteer and educator, Au NaturElle is passionate about the ways that live theatre can help construct authentic communities and vice versa. She lives in South Minneapolis.

Retro Spectacle (Co-Organizer, Emcee) recently returned from her splashing burlesque debut at the Mudlark Theater in New Orleans in January. Her piece, A Mating Call, was a eco-political response to the Asian Carp invasion. Retro has helped create spectacles all over Minneapolis, including places like Open Eye Figure Theater and the Walker Art Center, Minnesota Orchestra, the Jungle Theater. When not riding her bike or creating spectacles, you can find her in Switzerland. Literally. She lives there.

Lola Ryder (Co-Organizer, Director, Performer)  met her valiant steed Midnight Blue this past summer, and it was love at first wrench. Since, she has taken the Greenway by storm! She is a trained theater artist who loves directing, performing, writing, and convincing other people to join her in these activities. Ryder is also a co-founder of the group Raw Sugar. Raw Sugar makes adventurous and imaginative projects driven by women.

Featured Artists:

Smoking w/Baby is comprised of Joe Finstrom on bass and Andy Myers on percussion.  Composing and collaboration began in early 2011.  The group is located in Minneapolis, MN.  Smoking w/Baby is part of the Second-Hand Opera Artist Collective.  Thank you for listening. Get in touch with Joe Finstrom.


Kit Leffler created our banner and is awesome. Check her out here.


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