Au NaturElle (Co-Organizer, Greenway Performer): Au NaturElle didn’t learn to ride a bike until she was 9. As a young adult, however, bicycling has helped her control her asthma and meet some amazing people at the same time! A community-based performer, puppeteer and educator, Au NaturElle is passionate about the ways that live theatre can help construct authentic communities and vice versa. She lives in South Minneapolis.

Retro Spectacle (Co-Organizer, Emcee) recently returned from her splashing burlesque debut at the Mudlark Theater in New Orleans in January. Her piece, A Mating Call, was a eco-political response to the Asian Carp invasion. Retro has helped create spectacles all over Minneapolis, including places like Open Eye Figure Theater and the Walker Art Center, Minnesota Orchestra, the Jungle Theater. Retro primarily works with Savage Umbrella, a theatre company dedicated to producing new work. When not riding her bike or creating spectacles, you can find her in Switzerland. Literally. She lives there.

Featured Artists:

Smoking w/Baby is comprised of Joe Finstrom on bass and Andy Myers on percussion.  Composing and collaboration began in early 2011.  The group is located in Minneapolis, MN.  Smoking w/Baby is part of the Second-Hand Opera Artist Collective.  Thank you for listening.

Mad King Thomas is the choreographic collaboration of Tara King, Theresa Madaus and Monica Thomas. Known for their cheeky sense of humor, surreal juxtapositions and biting social commentary, they are enthusiastic bicycling feminists, both on and off stage. They have been making dances together since 2004 and have been featured on various Twin Cities stages, as well as in New York, Melbourne, Australia and Yaroslavl, Russia. Most recently they showed work in the 2011 Walker Choreographer’s Evening and were part of the Momentum Series, a Walker/Southern co-commission. The recipients of a 2008 SAGE Award, a 2009 City Pages Best Show, and a 2010 Metro Mag Listing, they are now taking on the West Coast. They will perform at The Garage in San Francisco as part of the National Queer Arts Festival June 23 and 30. (Tell your Bay Area friends!) Occasional blog dilettantes, they can be found on the web at

AcroYoga Minneapolis is a group of people teaching, learning and exploring the exciting and therapeutic art of acrobatic yoga.  The performers in this cabaret represent a subset of the group who practice the more performative aspects of the art.  For more information about AcroYoga Minneapolis, acrobatic yoga and a list of classes and events in the area, please visit:

Emmy Wanders (Director) has a deep passion for story telling through movement. While she is directing a burlesque fan act, and (slowly) getting back into commuting by bike, Emmy has not worked with these mediums before. She is delighted to make her debut and could not have picked a finer (get it?) community of artists and bicyclists to  explore her ever-growing fondness for movement with; whether it’s on a stage or on a bike. Emmy Wanders has also worked with The Playwrights’ Center, Workhaus Collective, Off-Leash Area, and Theatre Unbound.

Sarah Witte (Vocalist) is a singer/actor and Minneapolis native. In her young career she has performed on such stages as The Orpheum and The Dakota Jazz Club. With remarks of “beautiful phrasing”, “great story-telling”, and “sings straight to your heart”, she creates fresh new arrangements of classic ol’ tunes. Influenced by the voices of Billie Holiday, Peggy Lee, Frank Sinatra, and Tracy Chapman, this “real gone cat” is sure to leave you smiling

Stripped Gears (Stripped Gears, Bicycle Mechanic) is a Midwestern prodigal son. After receiving a formal education in South Dakota, and realizing his professional potential on the west coast, Stripped Gears is back in Minneapolis with a newfound sense of purpose. Don’t be alarmed when this humble geek sheds his quiet exterior to reveal the brooding, sexy beast underneath.

Theresa Madaus  (Fish on Bikes: A Picture of  Free, Untrammelled Womanhood) is a dance-maker, performer and year-round bicyclist. She primarily works with Mad King Thomas, but also moonlights as the drag sensation Rock Scissors.

Angie Courchaine (Winter Bike, Bike Love Puppeteer)  is a collaborative artist working primarily in puppetry, dance, visual art, and theatre arts.  She loves the power of art to inspire, and frequently works in community art settings and with social/environmental themes.  Most recently, she has appeared in the Barebones Halloween Extravaganza–“A Fistful of Dirt: How the Death was Won” and “On the Phone with My Mother,” a collaborative piece about female identities in 2011, and she is currently on staff for the 38th Annual May Day Parade.

Melody Hoffmann (Women on Bicycles?Absurd!) is a year-round bicycle commuter and a PhD candidate at the University of Minnesota where she is studying community building and bicycle activism. Follow the campaign of William Sutton to shut down the Wheel Sexy Cabaret at @Will_Sutt.

Mimi Meow (Crime and Punishment) hasn’t been on a stage since way back in her childhood days of awkward county fair talent shows.  So, Wheel Sexy has been a fun and unique chance to get way beyond her (normally spotlight-free) comfort zones!  Along with blissfully biking about her Powderhorn ‘hood and all around the Mini-apple, Mimi spends her time set dancing (a style of Irish folk dance that makes for a great excuse to drink beer), involved in activist work with her union, AFSCME local 3800 at the University of Minnesota, and traveling as far & wide as often as she possibly can.  Next up for Mimi’s travels: the bike-friendly, wheel sexy land of Denmark in April.

Jeff Nichols (Poet- AcroYoga) Writer, performer, musician, Artistic Director of Ghostbridge Theatre.  Often seen biking and walking the pug in Loring Park.

Pixie Stick (Bike Talk, Greenway, Opposites Attract) is an artist in every sense of the word. She ists art all day and all night. She is also a bicyclist in every sense of the word. She ists bicycles up and down and all around town. When not pumping her tube or lubing her chain, she’s looking to pump or lube yours. No, really, she likes teaching bike maintenance. In every sense of the word.

‘Clette a la Mode (AKA Sugartits McGee) (Bike Talk, Opposites Attract) is a 26/f/Minneapolis who studied in the school of streets. She likes long rides around the lakes, likes Xena: Warrior Princess, likes bikes, likes birch trees, likes leotards, likes…your mother. She does not like writing bios.

Trudi Garland (BUTTZ, Guest Performer!) is a local dancer, singer, and performer.  A true lover of old-school burlesque, she will tempt and tease you with feathers, fringe, and glitter galore.  Besides dancing, Trudi loves to ride her bike as much as possible!  When not dancing or riding her bicycle, she loves to cook, make crafts, and be sassy!

Virgin Daiquiri (Bike Talk, Opposites Attract) marks this as her first burlesque performance ever.  A bit of a type A personality, some of her favorite passtimes include making lists and coming up with new ways to organize things.  With a background in stage performance, her theatrical pursuits in the near future will include directing the show “Tom and Kelly Adopt an Asian Baby” in March and performing in “Dali’s Liquid Ladies” in May.

Katia(Vocalist, Crime and Punishment) is a singer, actor, dancer, director, puppeteer and theatre educator in the cities. Originally from the West Coast, she is now proud to call MN home. While she does not own a bike, she is a full-time bus rider, and supporter of alternative transportation. She has worked with Nautilus Music Theatre, Off-Leash Area, Eat Street Players and Zombie High School Productions, though her current artistic work is with Teatro del Pueblo with Pangea World Theatre, focusing on the Latino-American experience. When she is not in classrooms or rehearsals, she can often be found singing while walking, killing time in restaurants and public spaces across the cities, or serving at Campus Pizza.

Lola Ryder (Director, Performer)  met her valiant steed Midnight Blue this past summer, and it was love at first wrench. Since, she has taken the Greenway by storm! She is a trained theater artist who loves directing, performing, writing, and convincing other people to join her in these activities. Look for her upcoming project There’s Nothing to Tell and next Fringe as one half of the intrepid duo, Raw Sugar.

Midnight Blue loves long rides by the Mississippi, being the first bike on the bus rack, and the downhill approaching the Marshall/ Lake Street bridge.

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