We are interested in creating community driven events. Email us if you want tips on how to create yours. wheelsexy [at] gmail [dot] com

In the past we’ve helped coordinate:

  • Designers and Handipeople

These people are great with sets, props, costumes, working backstage, or helping with guerilla adverting. Let us know:

If you have a specific skill, idea, or resource you want to share.

Do you have any past experience? ( it’s okay if the answer is no!)

Let us know the kind of time commitment you’d be able to offer.


  • Businesses and Sponsors

How can you get support? Money, space, or items for a silent auction? Interest in hosting an event?

Your name or business name

How you’d like to assist the project (item, space, time, money or cookies?)

Advertising trade


  •  Cyclists and Performers 

Want to perform? Email wheelsexy [at] gmail [dot] com and let us know:

Who you are and why you ride

What makes you wheelsexy

A proposal for an act (three sentences)

Any additional help you may like to evolve or polish your idea/act


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